Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1/3 (+2)

One down and two (four) to go.

I took delivery of the master copy of the music video I directed yesterday. I still need the digital video file on DVD so that I can edit it onto my showreel but for all intent and purpose I consider the project finished.

The TEST COMMERCIAL and SHORT FILM are both in the final stages on completion but the delays keep coming thick and fast... another story for another time.


Today I went down to the rap guys studio to talk about the next video - and indeed they want me to do another TWO VIDEOS for them. Still low budget jobbies but the money involved has gone up (none of it goes to me) but it is a 40% and 300% increase respectively.

The first one they want in 3-4 weeks time and then next one a further 3-4 weeks after. Now that I have shot a video for them already and proven that I am not a waste of time I know that I have their respect so it will be much easier to work out something more creative.

Which is good fun because the tunes are quite cool.

In other news I have purchased a Brand Spanking New MACBOOK PRO and a OEM copy of windows and downloaded the BOOTCAMP BETA which allows me to run WINDOWS XP on my Apple Mac.

That's right.

I can play games.

And now I have immersed myself into the Dungeons and Dragons world of Stormreach as a Holy Paladin.

And I fucking love it.

but not as much as a fucking love you.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Birthdays and blah de blah

Today I returned to the chiropractor man - I told him I would not curse this time.

To make things more interesting he poked needles into back and then twisted them around.


And then came the oblogatory bone crunching fun.

In other news my birthday came and went - I celebrated it quietly with my sister and girlfriend in our favourite sushi place.

In a rather touching moment the restaurant actually dimmed the lights and then brought a cake out for me and my sis. That was quite nice.

Very nice.

Anyway, my 3 projects - 1 of them is now completed. And 2 closer to completion.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I am not GAY!

Just to clarify!

I went to a chiropractor who clicked and manipulated my spine back into place.

The reason I wrote the last post the way I did was because the reality is that i DID pay money to be manhandled half naked on a couch by this massive old white guy.

Which is quite amusing - and because I am 100% comfortable in my like of women - I thought it would be funny to write it in a different style - but PAY attention - everything I wrote is true and those of you who have been to a chiropractor will know that it is being CRUSHED to death almost.

Hugs and kisses

only for the girls.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Orchestral manoevers

My first instruction was to remove my top. I did so and was then told to face the window. I know he was looking at my physique as he made a comment about my posture. Gentle pokes and prods whilst small talk was made he was sizing me up and apprasing my flexibility.

Then he laid me down on the table, all 6"2 of him, burly and stout, and with gentle precision he placed his hands on me and gently eased me into position - to become his rag doll, and to be toyed with at leisure.

I sensed it was coming - but I did not know the song we'd be singing. A large hand pressed onto my spine and as I was rolled over I knew resistance was futile,

A moment of pressure and then my whole being was crushed with such an instant crescendo that the staccato snaps of my spine cued me to start the choir,

"Aaaaaaarghh!" I exasperated, "Fuck me!"

A pause and as he rolled me over

"Not tonight."

The orchestra was just warming up,

"Aaargh, oh my God!"

As the the weight bared down on me. His rebuke was instant and practised,

"God is not here."

He continued to cue the human percusionist who cracked and wailed along with each poweful motion.

When the music ended and lying prone and defensless I started to chuckle, remembering the words that had lured me there,

"He is such a big and gentle man"

Indeed he was.

But next time I would bring my iPod.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reversal of Fortune

Since the weekend things have been awesome - the freefall I have been in seemed to level itself out and is now reversing. My self -esteem has gone straight back up to 90%.

The compositor for the test commercial has been in touch and I went round to his crib to check the progress of the magic today. This is good and it is coming along. With LUCK it will be done tomorrow... but by Monday I hope it might be finished. (this is my target as I will be 28)

The Short film on-line and grade is now scheduled so that is all good. The sound editing is soon to start - the only hiccup is the mother fucking music licensing - I sent the paperwork WEEKS AGO and the cunts have done nothing since. No reply to my emails or nothing.

In other news, the Music Video people have FINALLY said that they will send the CD of the audio AIFF file to the other editors place... that means I can FINALLY finish that project too.

AND I have restarted development for this feature film script.

I just had to weather the storm. The worst is over.... but I am SOOO close to having my reel done it is silly. I cannot wait.

That is when the HARD work really starts.

Cos then I have to send it out and then face rejection... but I'm gonna plan it like that dude out of Prison Break.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hot and tired

Last night's shoot was awesome. As we were on the minibus, with all the crew, driving to the location I marvelled that this was probably the most fun I have ever had on a job in my life EVER.

Forcing my way to the back of the bus it felt like I was back at school on a geography field trip - but this time I was cool with stubble and blonde highlights - and a crisp girlfriend.

Today, after a few hours sleep, I lounged in the park in my TINY shorts with my girlfriend singing golden oldies from my iPod. Now I am exhausted - lying in the sun is genuinely HARD WORK.



Friday, June 09, 2006


• I just got in from the rehearsal for tomorrow's shoot. The shoot looks a bit manic but will be a bit of fun. Like I said before - it will be my first 'professional' shoot. I'll be a floor manager/2nd Unit director type thingie on a mad job in London at 2:00am.

• My girlfriend is at Chinawhytes right now probably being oggled by rich old perverts.

• I have cut and coloured my hair again which means I no longer look like a tramp... in fact I look rather don.

• I have upped my gym use and am pumping weights with a vengeance in order to slowly rebuild myself as a jedi.

• The artists for the music video STILL have not sent me the CD track of the music for us to master out the video.

• I might have a good link for a guy to do the Post Production Sound on this Short Film of Mine.

• I have re-started development on the feature script I have been working on since September.

• HARD GAY rocks:

peace and love my children


Friday, June 02, 2006


I have sent emails, made phone calls, sent text messages, posted adverts on line in order to SPEED EVERYBODY UP and drag myself out of this mother fucking rut.

It's so frustrating when I am at the mercy of other people's time management. I accept that I am not paying them, but the clock just ticks... and it is hard to mativate people with anything else than money.

So the clock ticks.

And ticks and ticks.

Time is just wasting every day and I look to myself to see that I can do to acheive something even vaguely constructive. I'm gonna be 28 soon and I seem to do is sit around doing not much other than waiting.

Ah well.

My writing partner is back from Cannes today so I am gonna go have a quick meeting with him. There is a new avenue of possibility that I think I should commit some time to developing right now. It is very feasible and would be a good move right now.

So I need to put some time into that.

And God knows, I have lots of that right now.