Friday, June 02, 2006


I have sent emails, made phone calls, sent text messages, posted adverts on line in order to SPEED EVERYBODY UP and drag myself out of this mother fucking rut.

It's so frustrating when I am at the mercy of other people's time management. I accept that I am not paying them, but the clock just ticks... and it is hard to mativate people with anything else than money.

So the clock ticks.

And ticks and ticks.

Time is just wasting every day and I look to myself to see that I can do to acheive something even vaguely constructive. I'm gonna be 28 soon and I seem to do is sit around doing not much other than waiting.

Ah well.

My writing partner is back from Cannes today so I am gonna go have a quick meeting with him. There is a new avenue of possibility that I think I should commit some time to developing right now. It is very feasible and would be a good move right now.

So I need to put some time into that.

And God knows, I have lots of that right now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


6/04/2006 4:57 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

well hello there. A pleasure to meet you. Care to introduce yourself?


6/04/2006 10:56 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

Ha ha Doom, looks like you have an anonymous crush, who has only just gathered the courage to say 'hi'!

Wow, you're still waiitng? Stop thinking about it... As I said before, plan your birthday!! lol.. DO something else, start something else for fun... and hopefully it will speed time up.

An idle man is a devils workshop!!


6/08/2006 2:27 am  

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