Saturday, November 25, 2006

What is the Diary of a Bum about?

I actually don't know anymore.

Originally it was some kind of journal of the things I was doing and the changes in my life that I was creating in order to facilitate my entry into my ambitions.

Before this blog, two years ago, my life was vaguely the same, but I was very different. The changes in my life and my attitudes are pretty hefty - in short, I've grown up and come a long way. I am also pleasantly surprised at who I am becoming. A wanky, self obsessed thing to say, but we bloggers are wanky and self obsessed.

Presently, I am on the path to becoming a director but I have a long way to go. I am finishing off my latest Viral Test Ad, which will be promoted on Youtube and all the other sites. (I will ask a few of you to link from your sites to the URL so that I can generate as mucg traffic as possible.)

Basically, my mission is to be a film director. I am closer to being a 'repped' director of commercials and music videos, but I am not there yet. It has been a very long journey, and there are a lot of sacrifices that I have made along the way in relation to my quality of living and lifestyle.

Anyway, I'm shooting a short promo video tonight as a favour to a friend. It's a fun few hours of work. In an underground club somewhere in greater London. And I'll cut it tomorrow.


ps. In actual fact, I don't really put very much in here anymore. And there is actually more to write about than ever.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I need haircut

And I need one badly.

I bring disgrace upon myself with this unruly mop on the top of my head.

My girlfriend cussed my haircut yesterday,
"I've never seen you looking worse than that. You look terrible."

Ah well.

My beautiful 22 year old girlfriend really loves me and I really love her.

Sickening really.

But the KEY to successful relationships is something I gleaned from a dear friend of mine who is now seperated from her husband.

"Finding a relationship is easy. Keeping it is hard."

And in this instand fix world that we live in, I think the foundations for long term bliss are often missing because one or both parties are both not equiped with the neccessary mental clarity/focus/wellbeing/experience to make it work.

Anyway, the key to relationships is keeping them going. And I don't mean by just by adding 'quick-fix' from a fucking magazine.

I mean sustainable, long term skills.

For instance.

I firmly believe that couples should NOT move in together until they are married. All that watching the same TV on the couch, smelling each other's shit, quarelling about washing up blah de blah eats into any passion a relationship might have.

All of that should be saved until a firm commitment has been made. And then, only then, once you have found the 'right one' will the above frivoloties become meaningless - because a much deeper commitment has been made.

As old fashioned as it sounds, I| am deadly serious - the number of relationships I have seen destroyed because a couple moved in together. I'm not gonna even bother to explain this further because it is so fucking obvious.

So there you go.

Thinking of moving in with somebody special?


Get married first.

Monday, November 13, 2006



Last time I posted, I had just had the meeting with the director's rep who liked me. But could not sign me.

Basically, I needed more stuff on my Showreel so immediately after the meeting I started making plans.

The 'big budget' music video which I so desperately needed fell through. Postponed to next year.

The other American guy - with an even bigger budget and wicked idea... that fell through too.

But my own unfailable plan was to film a wicked little viral ad that would allow me to try a few new things and show what I could do for £200 in the park with a few friends.

This video COULD NOT FALL THROUGH, since I am the fucking boss.

To cut a long story short, I shot it 16 days after the meeting and I am in the process of editing and finishing off the special effects.

I also just came back from Belgium, where I spent three glorious days with my beautiful girlfriend in the most boring toy-town you could ever imagine.

But as miserable as it was, we found the coolest and equally shittest night club in the world. the layout and lighting system were really awesome but the DJ ket switching tunes and genres which the crowd would respond to with a cheer and 10 seconds of dancing and then they'd go back to drinking.

I suppose Europe doesn;t have such a dancing thing going on in their clubs.


Me and my girlfriend went to the highest stage in the coolest corner and showed them exactly how to do it.