Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1/3 (+2)

One down and two (four) to go.

I took delivery of the master copy of the music video I directed yesterday. I still need the digital video file on DVD so that I can edit it onto my showreel but for all intent and purpose I consider the project finished.

The TEST COMMERCIAL and SHORT FILM are both in the final stages on completion but the delays keep coming thick and fast... another story for another time.


Today I went down to the rap guys studio to talk about the next video - and indeed they want me to do another TWO VIDEOS for them. Still low budget jobbies but the money involved has gone up (none of it goes to me) but it is a 40% and 300% increase respectively.

The first one they want in 3-4 weeks time and then next one a further 3-4 weeks after. Now that I have shot a video for them already and proven that I am not a waste of time I know that I have their respect so it will be much easier to work out something more creative.

Which is good fun because the tunes are quite cool.

In other news I have purchased a Brand Spanking New MACBOOK PRO and a OEM copy of windows and downloaded the BOOTCAMP BETA which allows me to run WINDOWS XP on my Apple Mac.

That's right.

I can play games.

And now I have immersed myself into the Dungeons and Dragons world of Stormreach as a Holy Paladin.

And I fucking love it.

but not as much as a fucking love you.



Anonymous tilda said...

God I'm just jealous right now.

So no comment.

Did you get the black one?


7/02/2006 11:50 am  

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