Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Los Angeles

In the early hours of this morning, I received a simple email, my friend is going to USA for a funeral. He wants me to come hang with him in LA for a week. I've never been. He is a director in the middle of financing a $25m movie.

I am a director two weeks from finding out if my movie gets financed.

Perhaps I should go along and see what happens. In London, I've been storyboarding my movie, or at least TRYING to storyboard my movie. I've been visiting a lot of VFX places in soho, studios and sitting in on meeting with this big director guy. At the very least, I'm learning a bunch of stuff with him.

But most of all, I am just stuck here waiting for news which will or won't change my life.

A trip to LA will use up the last of my resources and on the surface I can't see the point. I was going to go anyway in two weeks if I failed in my bid to finance my picture.

Well, I said a lot of prayers the other night -- within 24 hours, this invite comes along. I discern any specific point of going, I'm financing my movie from the Middle East... I don't need LA right now. At least I don't think I do.

I suppose that's the point of faith. We pray for an answer from God and when we get one we're too stubborn to see it. Is this invite to LA an answer? Or perhaps a random coincidence. am I projecting, and seeing what i want to see?

Another way of looking it is that progress is about stepping outside of the comfort zone... This trip to LA will push me. Maybe I should go anyway...