Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I meet my LA film director friend yesterday and he was asking me about the scripts I was working on (his background is writing) and I told him about them.

He said that my initial idea was good and interesting, but the backdrop I have set it against is not. He suggested something else, and that something is quite a paradigm shift away.

It does, however, open up all sorts of new avenues for funding and finance. It does, unfortunately, also mean that the budget will shoot up. Which is not a bad thing, IF the script becomes more saleable. But it virtually guarantees that the script will be impossible to shoot for £100,000.

But as I said, if it means I can find £4,000,000 because of the marketability then that is a good thing.

The trouble is I now have to go away and write this fucking thing.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


1. This script I was supposed to have done in 3 days time, I *think* I a 75% completed outline. Kind interesting how creative ventures come out, you start one thing and finish another.

2. I am getting fat. I am 11 and 3/4 stone. Which is... about 77 kilos. Too much sitting around and not anywhere near enough exercise.

3. I have been invited somewhere unbelievably cool in just over two weeks. I hope it comes through, cos I'm quite looking forwards to it a lot! I'll have to re-bleach my hair just to be uber-cool. And it'll be an excuse for my to don my cravat! which is a cause to celebrate anyway.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New World of the First threshold


It seems that I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself.

I faced a bit of a crisis point with this script, but it seems I am slowly hacking through it. I think I've found the direction that the story needs to go.

The secret is detachment. And that is infinately harder than it sounds. I've got a whole heap of very nicely written scenes. But they didn't hang with the central premise because I didn't really have one. So I have had to cut them and stick them in the deleted scenes folder.

Now, I *think* I've got a solid premise, it feels right, but it needs work - the trick now is to work EVERY scene around this central premise; this central relationship of my main characters. The mission. The objective. The goal.

A lot of movie scriptwriters talk about having character driven stories but rarely is that the case. I cannot fucking afford to have anything else but a character driven story so it's almost a blessing to me. Characters are what will drive any story.

The other thing is that the pressure I an putting on myself is that I want to make this as a feature film. In fact, I am GOING to make this as a feature film. So I have a strong motivation to get it right because I'm gonna put a lot of effort into getting it made.

I'm broke with no job and no girlfriend, this is the best time in my life for me to write a film script, and God willing, I hope I can write one good enough.

The fun will start when I start to try and raise money for it.


Monday, January 22, 2007

My Head is a Mess


It's boring for you all to read, but here goes.

I am going insane.

I have this tremendous idea for a script, which of course, I want to direct myself. And I've spent a lot of time developing a treatment which outlines the story.

There are some gaping logic and motivational flaws, plus I am not sure whether I should write a script that can be made for £100,000 or £5,000,000.

Realistically I should opt for the former, which could of course be made for £5,000,000 if it came my way. I had a script meeting with a writer pal of mine who I am working on the other script and we ended up spending the whole afternoon talking about mine.

And significantly what is wrong with it.

This scriptwriting malarky sucks ass.

I fucking hate it.

My story is a mess. It is utterly, utterly messed up.

I want to kill somebody.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Motivational Issues.

I have motivational issues.

But not with regards to motivating myself, I must add. There is a common myth that writer's block is to do with an inability to come up with ideas.

That is rubbish.

Writer's block is when your characters do not have enough motivation to promt their actions. So the writer ends up having to come up with all kinds of bullshit plot and details in order to create something, and the result is rubbish.

I am dedicating a LOT of time into writing my first feature script as a solo writer. And it is about as hard as I thought it would be. IE. Hard.

I write some stuff, dwell on it, come up with some more and the result is becoming a mess. I am losing sight of the overall story and overall concept. So, I am reducing it down - kind of like how one would reduce down a bolognese sauce.

It's tough. And not made any more easier by the fact that I have given myself by the end of January to have a first draft. (I have a 50% plot outline so far.)

Anyway, life is dull. I exist in a world inside my head right now. My routine is bland, yet neccessary. I waste my time during the day and find I can only work at night - free from distractions.

I worry that this project is a pile of shit. But then I remind myself that it cannot be. I intend to find a way to raise money to shoot this myself. Either full budget (with other people's money) or low budget (with much less of other people's money.)

I'll never become a film director without making a film. No cunt is gonna give me a decent script to make, so I'll have to write one myself.



Monday, January 15, 2007

Why the iPhone will fail.

This is why the iPhone will fail.

1. It is way too big. I mean, WAY too big. It's just silly - my old Motorola A1000 was not as big, and that was still WAY too big. It would be easier to carry my laptop around and stick that to my ear.

2. The touch screen for the keypad -despite what they say it is too small. As clever as it claims to be, it is useful only for elves.

2. By Steve 'cult of apple' Jobs' own admission, the killer app on a telephone is to make calls. The iPhone does not do this any better than any other telephone. In fact I bet it does it WORSE. Call dialling and connection times are likely to be a few seconds slower.

3. The flash drive storage is way too small... 4gig and 8gig is NOT enough, not no where NEAR big enough to hold all the music that us with a iPod can already do. Now, if I was to plug an iPhone into my Macbook and start transferring music across it will only take 20% of what I have - which is uselss. I will still need my iPod. Now, if you want to store VIDEO files, then that is even MORE absurd because video files are huge.

4. How many iPods have been sold? GABILLIONS OF THEM. Who in their right minds is going to shell out money for a thing they already have. And indeed, a crappier version of what they have.

5. The data transfer over the network is still only at 2.5g, which means it is much slower than they make it out to be.

6. Finally - MOST crucially of all... the TELEPHONE aspect of the iPhone is the most important. When you're on a train journey and you listen to your iPhone as a music player, you are going to run the battery down to the point that the PHONE (most important part) won't work for the rest of the day. Remember this when you are in the middle of nowhere and need to phone Steve Jobs to tell him that the iPhone sucks.

7. It is too espensive. I don;t know how they'll manage to sell it, the vast majority of the adult population is used to getting a FREE telephone every year with their contract renewal. From what I've heard, the iPhone won' come with any discount from the networks as that will 'devalue' the brand.

8. It's a theives wet dream.


What will make the iPhone better.

1. Built in GPS reader and software.

2. 40 gig of storage.

3. It's FREE with your contract renewal.

4. It allows FREE internet access which SKYPE can then use to make free voice and picture calls.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today I got a hair cut.

More blonde has been put in.

and the old trampy bits have been hacked off.

And it seems there is hope that I won't remain in a state of apathic disdain towards girls forever. I flirted aggressivly with the girl who coloured my hair. She was half English, half Spanish. Like a collapsed star, the reflection of her big tits drew in my gaze as I sat there for 30 minutes whilst she pulled each strand of hair through the stupid hair net/hat thingie which was WAY too tight on my head. It hurt. But it was fun.

A wierd kind of pleasure/pain thing.


I hear Apple has released info on the upcoming iPhone.

I'll be getting one of those then. It looks pretty decent. A blackberry/iPod/3G/2G killing product.

I wonder which networks the phone will come out on?

AND I just had a cigarette.

I am a fucking idiot.


Life, I realise, is transformation.

We must recognise our own unwillingness and refusal, embrace our mentors, push past the resistance.

And transform into whatever we choose.

And right now I am transforming into a jaded and cynical man who wants nothing to do with women for the rest of his life.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve

Last night, I stayed indoors and chilled out with my sister, one of my best friend's and his (new) wife.

I hate New Year's Eve. It is an over-rated wankfest of crap.

Here is a run-down of my last 4 New Year's Eves...

2005 - Went to my friend and played monopoly.

2004 - Went to a strip club and a private party in soho.

2003 - Went to my friend where three of us all took out PCs and we networked them and played link-up Command and Conquer.

And I think that 2003 was probably the greatest New Year's Eve, EVER.