Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vampires on Crack

I am still about -- and I often daydream of having the energy to get this blog up and running -- except I kinda think the whole blog thing is dead now. But still, I'd like a record of this shit to one day show to somebody who might give a shit, so here goes.

Since my brief time in Hollywood I returned to the UK to be jobless and broke as shit (again. yawn.) A couple of days after landing I had this sudden flash of inspiration for a movie in a jeg-lagged period of insomnia. Then I sat on the idea for a couple of days, until another flash of inspiration when I was on a train. So, here I am, about 12 weeks later, finishing off the second draft to my new script.

It's a Vampire Movie with a twist. I won't write much else here. I spent 12 months being close to raising £1,000,000 to making my first movie which never happened.

I still want to make a movie but I won't be making that one, I will be making this one. The best way for me to do this is to fucking get off my ass and do it. So I have written this script with the explicit intention that I will shoot it as my first feature in 2010, no matter what.

Privately I have my hopes set on raising £20,000 - £50,000 and making up for the lack of funds with willpower, charm and good fortune.

In LA LA land I met a lot of people who were all talk. The entire film industry is puffed up with hot air and bullshit. I am English. We don't bullshit. We just get on with it.

But I learned that the film industry doesn't have time for subtlety. You need to get up in peoples faces because the alternative is to be invisible: and that, my friends, helps nobody.

But equally, you can make all the noise you want but if you've nothing to back it up with: then you're a bullshit artist and a waste of space.

So I need to get in people's face -- AND make a kick-ass vampire movie on steroids, because I can't bullshit - it's not in my DNA.

But that's cool. The final thing I learned in Hollywood is that there is fuck all talent there.

So it's mine for the taking.


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