Thursday, December 21, 2006

Exuent Stage Left:

And now we come to the end of this partcular chapter. After 21 months together - the girl I thought might be my queen is gone.

A wounding blow? Yes.

But I will live on and fight another day.

Nonetheless, I have lost one of the few things I my life I considered precious. Of course, life goes on, and I am in no rush to replace her. For the time being I need to focus on a few personal core activities.

Now that I consider that 2006 is nearly at an end, and I realise that I have managed only to move sideways. No apparent progress has been made.

-Since I hurt my back, my fitness has suffered as I have been unable to train. Therefore I have lost muscle and gained fat.

-Since I quit that job last December, I have had a handful of days work this year. Therefore I have lost the bulk of my savings and earned next to nothing.

-My quest to find representation as a commercial/music video director has so far led to nothing.

I do. However, have two secret projects I have been working on for some time. In 2007 I plan to journey Westwards to a place known as Los Angeles.

My weapons will be a DVD of my work and two 100 page documents known as scripts. With what money I wonder will I live on when I visit, but at least I have a place to stay - a delightful friend has made me an offer of an invitation. Together, him and I will become powerful allies.

There are also a few opportunities to direct low budget music videos, but these are unreliable and will probably lead nowhere.

When I read the above entry I think a lesser man would weep. But I remember that one day I will be dead and none of this will matter. All that will remain is whether or not I gained enough brownie points to get into heaven.

Go in peace


Friday, December 15, 2006

Oliver Stone Masterclass

This evening I went with a collaborator of mine to attend the Oliver Stone & Seamus McGarvey skillset masterclass up in London.

They were giving a talk/masterclass about the recent Oliver Stone movie World Trade Centre. I paid my money to go because I thought it would provide a rare insight into the mind of a director I have tremendously awe of.

Oliver Stone is a powerful auteur, with career success entirely well deserved, therefore his talk attracted several hundred people who came specifically to see him talk.

And to be honest, them and I should not have bothered. Oliver Stone turned up late and barely paid any attention to the questions and seemed to give 50% of his attention to the answers. There were glimmers of presence, but mostly he seemed distant, dreaming perhaps of the margaritas he would have on the plane back to the US because he got up and left after about 40 minutes.

In his defence I am sure he has been very busy in London doing whatever he needs to do, but really and truly, his effort portrayed little more than contempt for those attending.

This wasn't a bunch of morons standing in the rain waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor. This wasn't a press conference full of dip-shit journalists who would only regurgitate the press release. This event was billed as a masterclass, sponsored by the National Film and Television school, as well as Skillset and the Script Factory. It was attended by professional film and televison workers who had a genuine interest in attending.

And for the rest of these people, I wonder how many of them found it to be a waste of time and money?



Sunday, December 10, 2006

Stargate SG-1

I am not a sci-fi geek, but I do love Science Fiction as a genre, both for television and movies. One of the scripts I have just finished writing is a Sci-Fi, so I must have some love of the genre.

About 2 months ago, having only ever seen about 3 episodes, I decided to watch every single episode starting at number 1.

I have just finished watching the last episode of Season Five of Stargate (about episode 110) and I love it. Stargate is awesome, granted, the multi-episode and multi-season story arcs are no way as well developed as Babylon 5 or the new Battlestar Gallactica, but nonetheless, it remains a good, fun and diverting source of entertainment.

I have 100 episodes to go.



ps. Oh yeah, with my girlfriend, we are going through some difficulties - difficulties which I doubt any of you could relate to easily. In time, I might blog further about this, as it might provide an insight into something many would find quite odd.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I have woes...

...girlfriend woes.

As in: "Now that we've come to the end of our rainbow," type of woes.

And it's not even my fault...

It's not even her fault.

It's some fucking shit or another - she's got some shit she needs to go through. And it sucks.

I'm not really sure what to do. She/us, was one of the few things in my life that I could count on to be stable and secure.

Just goes to show that it's the one thing thing you don't have your eye on that comes and bites you in the ass.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Mother Fucking Codeine

I don't know WHAT the fuck caused it ... actually I have my suspicions... and it all relates to a broken chair.

But, I have fucked my back up and I have been given a whole box of codeine from the doctor as the hospital today.

I can barely move without it.

Anyway, yesterday I fucked up my back. Today I am like a old fucking man hobbling around all bent-over and awkward.

Blah blah.

Until I took 120mg of the magic stuff and I can dance a jig now.

I'm gonna feel feel like a [insert some intelligent similie here] in the morning.

Ah well.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Night Sea Journey

Right, this short little viral advert I've shot is now finished - I might polish it up on Monday with an extra picture grade by other than that in 3 days it will go live on youtube.

I want 100,000 hits.

It cost £100 and was a few of my mates in the park for 5 hours. It's not the greatest viral in the world, but for it's constraints it's pretty awesome.

I'm gonna send it to a few reps to see if they like it.

I think it demonstrates a lot of potential.

In other news, this feature film I've been co-writing for the last 12 months is now at it'st first draft and I have to say that it is pretty fucking awesome.

I also have a treatement for another feature film that I'm working on, and I think it's a really nice little thriller. All I need is a credible and recognised actor to say he'll be in it and I'm laughing. He doesn't even HAVE TO DO IT, just say that he will.

Anyway, I'm gonna go back to reediting my latest showreel.