Friday, August 31, 2007


I got a call today from an Indian film director I met out in Cannes back in May - he's made a BIG foreign film.... and is looking for a distributor.

I also met in Cannes, a guy who has his own DVD Distribution company in the UK - and basically, today, with a couple of phone calls, I put the two of them together.

I seriously hope the two of them can work something out - It's vanity, but it means it was me who put them together. And I love that.

Either way, there is a London Premiere of the film in October at a *very* amazing venue which I can't disclose.

And I hope, I will be introduced to some interesting people at the screening.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I, back.

I am now 29. It was my birthday - and I spent it with a girl 10 years younger than me... it really take the edge off getting older.

Anyway. I am not sure if *anybody* even comes to this blog anymore. The whole blog thing came and went... and only the true hard-core self-obsessed types continue.

I am virtually penniless - but I have made really solid progress with this Script of mine.

It is my mission to shoot it as my first-feature film in the next 12 months. I'll have a mission raising money.

In other news: I had a date with an impossibly fit 20 year old American girl a couple of week sago. She was only in London for a week.

When I go to L.A, I'll look her up. She lives an hour away from there. Perhaps I'll see her again.

I'd like to.

Other than that.

Keep on rocking