Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Non-Circumvention Agreement

The 'deal' is 11 weeks away. A Hollywood friend of mine suggests I get my people to sign a Non-Circumvention Agreement.

I'd never even heard of one of these, but apparently in Hollywood, they eat their young -- and nobody with any sense does business without one of these.

What i find intimidating is that I am suddenly swimming with sharks -- I might have known one of these guys for 10 years, but this is business now and I where I used to bumble around like an idiot, I can't charm or joke my way out of a legal minefield.

Suddenly, I am a little boy again, hoping that the world is full of good people who want nothing but the best for me -- how can I ask this man to sign a document that essentially declares that I do not trust him?

Then again: this is business.

How can I allow the slightest possibility that somebody can totally fuck me. Based on what? Trust? Friendship? Respect?

I don't want to get them to sign the paper. Because I want to be able to trust him. Then again, if I get him to sign the paper -- then I suppose that's the only guarantee that I can trust him.