Monday, September 25, 2006



This post should be self explanatory.

Today I cut out all cigarettes and cigars.




I fucking hate it. I hate it hate it hate it.

So for a few days I am gonna be dopamine deficient since nicotine is a dopamine supressant and it takes a few days (3 in fact) for the neurotransmitters to kick back in.

That means I will become the fucking devil. But I will keep myself busy.

I have some other shit to sort out... but that is all secondary... I should have a meeting with a director's rep for a production company later this week and I have two treatments, one for a music video and one for a spec commercial that I have to finish.

On the plus side, I am shooting a nice music video in about 4 weeks time and off the back of their production I am piggy backing one of my own (a spec commercial) BUT it will take a lot of post production special effects and I don;t yet have anybody who can help me out with this.
.. and to get it right I need to involve somebody from the get go.

Also, there is a great dancer/choreographer who knows a lot of people and I have to meet her some time this week to sort out a TAP DANCING ROUTINE!

woo hoo!


No more fucking tobacco. Wish me luck you monkees.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nobody wants me?

More emails from Production companies.

All of them telling me to get fucked.

So what should I do?

A weaker man would buckle.

I will not.

I've got these 3 projects coming up in next few weeks and a couple of leads on some full budget projects further down the line.

On the negative side - I have a rapidly declining bank balance, I'm not going to the gym and I am smoking way too many cigarettes.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Last few days have been as equally eventful as they have been uneventful.

I am shooting another music video in about 5 weeks time which should be good as they have an AWESOME tune which I have some good ideas for. The tune is good enough for me to pull out some aces that I've been keeping on hold for a while. So hopefully I will pull everything together to make a video that will punch way above it's weight.

I've had a scattering of emails back from productions companies - one seems vaguely interested and wants me to get back to them in 6 months time and the rest are just 'thanks but no thanks'.

On a more positive note, I had a chat with a guy today who might have a very strong link for me to shoot a video for a pretty big female singer. It was just a chat, and more often than not, these things go nowhere. BUT - a lot of things DO start with just a chat and a nudge in the right direction so who knows.

In other news - one of my best friends is expecting a baby in the next three weeks, also, my oldest friend is having a baby in five months - AND my favourite DoP had a baby last week.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Move on Up

Chances are now, that if you are a advertising production company now then my DVD showreel is somewhere in your office.

Gathering dust or coffee stains.

Nonetheless, I just had an invite to see a band play somewhere north of London. My friend is their manager and has invited me to see them play.

I told him I want to shoot their video, but it is me and my other friend (from film school) who BOTH want to do it. So now the competition time begins.

My friend is properly represented as a director and has directed one big full budget promo (in another country in europe) but he will be operating solo as he doesn't have a team in the UK. BUT I think I can do a better job because I am part of a production company in UK so I can bring together the whole package and not just me as 'director'

Anyways, I need to use the shaolin power to get myself in the line for directing the video - I won't backstab anybody - but I need to do my best to get myself at the top of the list of names.


Sunday, September 03, 2006


I have a Macbook pro running OSX and Windows.


Mail does not connect

Software update does not connect

MSN does connect

SKYPE does connect

Mozilla does connect - BUT sites like Hotmail, NTLWORLD, TRIBAL WAR do not load.


AVG update does not connect

SpyBot S&D does not connect

Dungeons and Dragons does not connect

Internet explorer does connect - BUT certain sites do not load - again, Hotmail, Tribal Wars/

Why the fuck does HALF the internet not fucking work? It's fucking stupid AND annoying.

Friday, September 01, 2006

With a Little help from my friends

A little while ago I did a favour for a friend which landed him his dream job at a great company in Soho. I've known the guy for a while and given the short notice I was the only guy who could sort him out.

It was cool, I'm really glad he's got what he wanted - it makes me happy - and to have helped him make me happy too.

Anyway, for the last couple of days I have enrolled my girlfriend as my P.A. to contact 30 ad agencies and print off and sort out the letters and envelopes that accompany my DVD showreel.

And I really appreciated the favour, it made it easy for me and it got a lot of stuff done. Working together with people really fucking works and at times really makes things run easier - more fun. Of course I had to buy her lunch and cook her dinner. But hey, I enjoyed being her boss (more than she enjoyed being my secretary probably)


I've met a few people this week - I had to visit a guy on set on a feature film in London which was cool cos I got to hang out and check things out without having a job to do.

Things are moving. I just need to crank up the pressure and get them moving faster.

But the lesson is: we can do nothing alone. We need to enroll/enlist/press-gang/coerce other people to do the shit with us.