Friday, June 09, 2006


• I just got in from the rehearsal for tomorrow's shoot. The shoot looks a bit manic but will be a bit of fun. Like I said before - it will be my first 'professional' shoot. I'll be a floor manager/2nd Unit director type thingie on a mad job in London at 2:00am.

• My girlfriend is at Chinawhytes right now probably being oggled by rich old perverts.

• I have cut and coloured my hair again which means I no longer look like a tramp... in fact I look rather don.

• I have upped my gym use and am pumping weights with a vengeance in order to slowly rebuild myself as a jedi.

• The artists for the music video STILL have not sent me the CD track of the music for us to master out the video.

• I might have a good link for a guy to do the Post Production Sound on this Short Film of Mine.

• I have re-started development on the feature script I have been working on since September.

• HARD GAY rocks:

peace and love my children



Blogger london cokehead said...

There are parallel universes (univi?) operating in tandem to this one and that link kinda proves it!!

It suffering from WTF syndrome

And that's all I have to say 'bout that.


6/10/2006 3:39 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

Clinawhites ... used to be fun. But then.... And she's actually probably getting oogled by rich 'young' perverts!

You look like a don?!

Proove it!!

6/10/2006 9:07 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

TILDA - maybe... if I can get a digital camera...

LCH - did you actually WATCH the videos? they are hilarious! "Hard gay-- HOOO!"

6/10/2006 4:24 pm  
Blogger RuKsaK said...

peace and love to you too papa

i'm back also - i'm happy to say

6/11/2006 12:48 am  
Blogger bethanie_odd said...

the flow is on
reinventing the don

I am looking forward to hearing about the shoot. What the hell is Chinawhytes?

6/11/2006 12:54 pm  

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