Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reversal of Fortune

Since the weekend things have been awesome - the freefall I have been in seemed to level itself out and is now reversing. My self -esteem has gone straight back up to 90%.

The compositor for the test commercial has been in touch and I went round to his crib to check the progress of the magic today. This is good and it is coming along. With LUCK it will be done tomorrow... but by Monday I hope it might be finished. (this is my target as I will be 28)

The Short film on-line and grade is now scheduled so that is all good. The sound editing is soon to start - the only hiccup is the mother fucking music licensing - I sent the paperwork WEEKS AGO and the cunts have done nothing since. No reply to my emails or nothing.

In other news, the Music Video people have FINALLY said that they will send the CD of the audio AIFF file to the other editors place... that means I can FINALLY finish that project too.

AND I have restarted development for this feature film script.

I just had to weather the storm. The worst is over.... but I am SOOO close to having my reel done it is silly. I cannot wait.

That is when the HARD work really starts.

Cos then I have to send it out and then face rejection... but I'm gonna plan it like that dude out of Prison Break.



Blogger Kitty said...

You're back in the saddle! Good for you, darling!

6/14/2006 2:00 pm  
Blogger El Diablo De Verde said...

There are new Hard Gays available and newly subtitled. Get your Gay while it's still Hard.

6/14/2006 11:32 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

this is where is see most of them... are there more than this?

6/14/2006 11:38 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...


6/15/2006 2:58 am  
Blogger El Diablo De Verde said...

No, it actually looks like it's the same syndicated feed from the Youtube channel I watch it on. In case you're curious, just follow the link I made in the Hard Gay post.

BTW I haven't forgotten about the other thing. My friend, however, is with family. Soon.

6/15/2006 3:36 am  
Anonymous tilda said...

You finally used the two words I constantly use in your comments..
These words being 'Prison Break'...
I can't wait till season two!!!!

I'm happy everything is finally falling into place. Good luck with the film!


6/15/2006 5:39 am  

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