Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I meet my LA film director friend yesterday and he was asking me about the scripts I was working on (his background is writing) and I told him about them.

He said that my initial idea was good and interesting, but the backdrop I have set it against is not. He suggested something else, and that something is quite a paradigm shift away.

It does, however, open up all sorts of new avenues for funding and finance. It does, unfortunately, also mean that the budget will shoot up. Which is not a bad thing, IF the script becomes more saleable. But it virtually guarantees that the script will be impossible to shoot for £100,000.

But as I said, if it means I can find £4,000,000 because of the marketability then that is a good thing.

The trouble is I now have to go away and write this fucking thing.


Blogger RuKsaK said...

you found that 4 mill yet?

in the meantime, write, brother, write!

2/05/2007 3:11 pm  

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