Monday, January 15, 2007

Why the iPhone will fail.

This is why the iPhone will fail.

1. It is way too big. I mean, WAY too big. It's just silly - my old Motorola A1000 was not as big, and that was still WAY too big. It would be easier to carry my laptop around and stick that to my ear.

2. The touch screen for the keypad -despite what they say it is too small. As clever as it claims to be, it is useful only for elves.

2. By Steve 'cult of apple' Jobs' own admission, the killer app on a telephone is to make calls. The iPhone does not do this any better than any other telephone. In fact I bet it does it WORSE. Call dialling and connection times are likely to be a few seconds slower.

3. The flash drive storage is way too small... 4gig and 8gig is NOT enough, not no where NEAR big enough to hold all the music that us with a iPod can already do. Now, if I was to plug an iPhone into my Macbook and start transferring music across it will only take 20% of what I have - which is uselss. I will still need my iPod. Now, if you want to store VIDEO files, then that is even MORE absurd because video files are huge.

4. How many iPods have been sold? GABILLIONS OF THEM. Who in their right minds is going to shell out money for a thing they already have. And indeed, a crappier version of what they have.

5. The data transfer over the network is still only at 2.5g, which means it is much slower than they make it out to be.

6. Finally - MOST crucially of all... the TELEPHONE aspect of the iPhone is the most important. When you're on a train journey and you listen to your iPhone as a music player, you are going to run the battery down to the point that the PHONE (most important part) won't work for the rest of the day. Remember this when you are in the middle of nowhere and need to phone Steve Jobs to tell him that the iPhone sucks.

7. It is too espensive. I don;t know how they'll manage to sell it, the vast majority of the adult population is used to getting a FREE telephone every year with their contract renewal. From what I've heard, the iPhone won' come with any discount from the networks as that will 'devalue' the brand.

8. It's a theives wet dream.


What will make the iPhone better.

1. Built in GPS reader and software.

2. 40 gig of storage.

3. It's FREE with your contract renewal.

4. It allows FREE internet access which SKYPE can then use to make free voice and picture calls.

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