Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New World of the First threshold


It seems that I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself.

I faced a bit of a crisis point with this script, but it seems I am slowly hacking through it. I think I've found the direction that the story needs to go.

The secret is detachment. And that is infinately harder than it sounds. I've got a whole heap of very nicely written scenes. But they didn't hang with the central premise because I didn't really have one. So I have had to cut them and stick them in the deleted scenes folder.

Now, I *think* I've got a solid premise, it feels right, but it needs work - the trick now is to work EVERY scene around this central premise; this central relationship of my main characters. The mission. The objective. The goal.

A lot of movie scriptwriters talk about having character driven stories but rarely is that the case. I cannot fucking afford to have anything else but a character driven story so it's almost a blessing to me. Characters are what will drive any story.

The other thing is that the pressure I an putting on myself is that I want to make this as a feature film. In fact, I am GOING to make this as a feature film. So I have a strong motivation to get it right because I'm gonna put a lot of effort into getting it made.

I'm broke with no job and no girlfriend, this is the best time in my life for me to write a film script, and God willing, I hope I can write one good enough.

The fun will start when I start to try and raise money for it.



Blogger WebKittyn said...

Let me know if you want any US backing. I'm not rich but you've got a shine to you and I think you could pull it off.

Good juju to you!

1/24/2007 3:46 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

that's incredibly kind of you to say.

at times like this, a simple statement like that means a lot to me.


1/24/2007 3:54 am  
Blogger RuKsaK said...

you are the man. seriously though, webkittyn is right.

1/27/2007 4:16 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

With meekness, humility and modesty I say....

i hope you guys are right.

1/28/2007 12:25 am  
Blogger WebKittyn said...

Sometimes the belief of others can be more than enough to keep a dream going. I've been fortunate enough to have a few beatified beings in my life who have believed and inspired and made things happen just because they could and they believed.

I'm a Pisces and a people reader. I truly believe you've got what it takes.

It would be an honour and a pleasure to do whatever I can from here, drop me an email when you have time and don't ever let the petunia pissers get ahead. Dreams are meant to become reality.

1/28/2007 5:28 am  

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