Friday, January 19, 2007

Motivational Issues.

I have motivational issues.

But not with regards to motivating myself, I must add. There is a common myth that writer's block is to do with an inability to come up with ideas.

That is rubbish.

Writer's block is when your characters do not have enough motivation to promt their actions. So the writer ends up having to come up with all kinds of bullshit plot and details in order to create something, and the result is rubbish.

I am dedicating a LOT of time into writing my first feature script as a solo writer. And it is about as hard as I thought it would be. IE. Hard.

I write some stuff, dwell on it, come up with some more and the result is becoming a mess. I am losing sight of the overall story and overall concept. So, I am reducing it down - kind of like how one would reduce down a bolognese sauce.

It's tough. And not made any more easier by the fact that I have given myself by the end of January to have a first draft. (I have a 50% plot outline so far.)

Anyway, life is dull. I exist in a world inside my head right now. My routine is bland, yet neccessary. I waste my time during the day and find I can only work at night - free from distractions.

I worry that this project is a pile of shit. But then I remind myself that it cannot be. I intend to find a way to raise money to shoot this myself. Either full budget (with other people's money) or low budget (with much less of other people's money.)

I'll never become a film director without making a film. No cunt is gonna give me a decent script to make, so I'll have to write one myself.




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