Monday, September 18, 2006


Last few days have been as equally eventful as they have been uneventful.

I am shooting another music video in about 5 weeks time which should be good as they have an AWESOME tune which I have some good ideas for. The tune is good enough for me to pull out some aces that I've been keeping on hold for a while. So hopefully I will pull everything together to make a video that will punch way above it's weight.

I've had a scattering of emails back from productions companies - one seems vaguely interested and wants me to get back to them in 6 months time and the rest are just 'thanks but no thanks'.

On a more positive note, I had a chat with a guy today who might have a very strong link for me to shoot a video for a pretty big female singer. It was just a chat, and more often than not, these things go nowhere. BUT - a lot of things DO start with just a chat and a nudge in the right direction so who knows.

In other news - one of my best friends is expecting a baby in the next three weeks, also, my oldest friend is having a baby in five months - AND my favourite DoP had a baby last week.

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