Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I need haircut

And I need one badly.

I bring disgrace upon myself with this unruly mop on the top of my head.

My girlfriend cussed my haircut yesterday,
"I've never seen you looking worse than that. You look terrible."

Ah well.

My beautiful 22 year old girlfriend really loves me and I really love her.

Sickening really.

But the KEY to successful relationships is something I gleaned from a dear friend of mine who is now seperated from her husband.

"Finding a relationship is easy. Keeping it is hard."

And in this instand fix world that we live in, I think the foundations for long term bliss are often missing because one or both parties are both not equiped with the neccessary mental clarity/focus/wellbeing/experience to make it work.

Anyway, the key to relationships is keeping them going. And I don't mean by just by adding 'quick-fix' from a fucking magazine.

I mean sustainable, long term skills.

For instance.

I firmly believe that couples should NOT move in together until they are married. All that watching the same TV on the couch, smelling each other's shit, quarelling about washing up blah de blah eats into any passion a relationship might have.

All of that should be saved until a firm commitment has been made. And then, only then, once you have found the 'right one' will the above frivoloties become meaningless - because a much deeper commitment has been made.

As old fashioned as it sounds, I| am deadly serious - the number of relationships I have seen destroyed because a couple moved in together. I'm not gonna even bother to explain this further because it is so fucking obvious.

So there you go.

Thinking of moving in with somebody special?


Get married first.


Anonymous Kat said...

But if you move in with them first and still love them even when their farts wake you in the night, you can get married safe in the knowledge that there is nothing left to split you up!

11/26/2006 9:49 am  

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