Thursday, August 03, 2006

Adaptive change

Today I had two meetings:

a) Lunch with an old school villian/gangster.

b) Late night appointment with a guy who appraised my showreel for me.

The first meeting was cool and I had fun.

The second meeting gave me a lot of postive comments on how to change the way I have promoted my material on my showreel. so much so that I regret the last 10 copies I have sent out of version 2.

The guy I met is an actor I know who I cast in a film I shot years and years ago. More recently he had a small role in one of the biggest films of the year...

Nonetheless, he's helped my do some fine-tuning of my reel which means I have yet MORE editing and authoring of my DVD.

But it's all good because it means my reel will look MUCH better.

(Matilda, I should send you the NEW reel because the old one was shit.)



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