Friday, July 28, 2006

Ghetto Fabulous

So, my girlfriend is returning from Paris, all of my friends are doing stuff and I have nothing to do.

So I take my first trip to blockbuster video in about a year. Virtually every film I see worth watching I have seen already. But I manage to pick out two movies that look quite interesting - two Westerns in fact. And I was taught in media studies that the whole Western Genre was dead. So I am intrigued by these two very modern movies.

Anyway, it's a friday night and it's dark outside in my particular part of South London. I leave the video shop and walk to the bank to get some cash for cigarettes. (I am wearing my brand new Nike Air Max for the first time and my incredibly expensive looking watch whilst listening to music on my 40gig iPod))

In the corner of my eye I see this dude walk up to me.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

I glance at him and shake my head.

As I walk on I see him signal for me to remove my headphones.

"Nah mate."

And I walk on.

As I walk, I give my standard response to mad people,

"Nah, mate - it's alright."

Walking away I see this shadow movie up alongside me and I see him again signal for me to remove my headphones.

Fuck it. I turn to him and take out my headphones.

I see clearly a 30 something skinhead dude with a string vest and a bottle of beer in his pocket.

"You're that guy who gets the rips from ******, I'm the guy who gets them to him"

"Yeah, yeah, that's right." I answer.

(my first choice of response was "Didn't you get send to prison? What are you doing out?" but I think I chose wisely)

"You do the videos, right?"


"Well, remember I played you that tune and you said you'd do the video for it one day when we finished the song?"

So yeah - it turns I know him from a while ago. I sort of remember the song, but since i was strolling down the road in my own world the conversation we had was kinda all over the place.

Anyway, far from being some fucktard out to beg/steal/kill he wanted to know if I might be able to direct the music video for a R'n'B artist who is the nephew of a rather famous footballer.

And if he is not bullshitting then they have a lot of money available. Which is funny - cos I NEVER hear people tell me they have money.

But anyway - we'll see how it goes. He said he'll call by Wednesday.

I bet you he won't.


Anonymous tilda said...

Do you have his number?


This is cool.. I hope it's not bullshit. Goo luck :)


ps: loved it and composing an adequate response!

7/30/2006 3:45 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

i hope it's not bullshit - but you never know - I despair at how much of a waste of time most people are.

But we'll see


7/30/2006 11:58 am  
Blogger Tony Play said...

One thing the industry is full of is promises and bullshit, so it is nice one someone actually suprises you as does what they say. Heres hoping your man is the exception (PS you are quite far of the mark with what i do - if i told you then my identity would easily be revealed...)

8/01/2006 2:38 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...


you are obviously in post - perhaps a digital compositor?

but then again - you can neither confirm nor deny.

you never know.

we might have met already...

8/01/2006 2:48 pm  

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