Thursday, July 13, 2006

Up the Pressure

Literally, beyond a couple of music video meetings and script meeting - my life has been hunched over by Macbook Pro and my old G4 powerbook... which I have both together on my desk like some special forces comman centre.

Moviemaking and blah de blah is deeply unsocial as it is social - half the time is spent out there meeting people and doing stuff and the the other half is tucked away in tiny pockets of darkness.

It's nice - with most things the balance works well as both sides are contrasted by each other.

The test commercial is almost done - with a following wind I might get it done tonight... the post sound on the short film is quickly chasing behind. Perhaps I need to forsake doing a picture grade as that might be unneccessary... it will be time consuming to say the least.

I am so close to finishing my objectives - I forgot what it felt like to be productive.

I just need to have faith and follow through.



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