Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am not a proud man

I've worked and I've paid my taxes, so in my time of need (relative of course) I am currently unemployed and registered so.

Anyway, a little while ago I was sent on a course to 'help me back to work' a course which I could have given, and indeed a lot of the time I actually did.

Nonetheless, I met an assorted bunch of people and amusingly enough all of our fears were he same - before the course we all thought that the others on the course would be degenerates and misfits.

Actually it was very, very fun. I had lunch each day with ex-convicts whose stories and lives I found fascinating. So much so that one of them has inspired me on a short filmn script/feature film script I am developing. Of course, I learned about various degrees of criminality as well but since I am a good-wholesome young man, none of that makes any difference.

I find different people engaging on so many different levels - put too many types of one person in a room and I find it profoundly dull. But it is the variety and complexity of various group dynamics that I find enthralling.

It is not often we find ourselves cast together with strangers from different backgrounds - but it's fun and can be very revealing.


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