Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Task Master

Today I had some tasks to do, tomorrow I have more.


1. File Personal Tax Return
2. Pay Excess taxation of 88 pence. (fucking joke)
3. Change up £25 of 10 pences and 20 pences.
4. Collect samples of business cards.
5. Write script notes for meeting tomorrow.
6. Pump weights.

My friend called me up and we went to his place and he cooked me a fried breakfast. This is always an awesome thing to do.

Tomorrow I have to:

1. Have script meeting with co-writer.
2. Register web-address for my new email. (I might change my company details to reflect this new name... I own a dormant non-trading company - and I want to change it to a non-specific name)
3. Transfer an old student film to AVI. file so I can edit it into my showreel.
4. Purchase blue-tac.

At some point this week:

1. Trade in my shitty PSP games for a new one. ( I have five games and all I am bored with)
2. Bleach highlights into my hair.
3. Buy more raw fish to make more sushi.

Oh yeah, according to the body fat indicator in the gym I am 14.2% fat with a BMI of 22. I am 71kg, and 5"10.

Peace and Love my dear readers,



Blogger RuKsaK said...

those brekkies can't be too frequent if that's your BMI.

1/17/2006 12:47 pm  
Blogger dotdotdot said...

14.2% is good. I have these bathroom scales that like to tell me I am nearly 30% fat. I had to stop using them as it was seriously disturbing me. That practically makes me a candle.

Fried brekkie? So you've given up on being a veggie already?

1/17/2006 6:46 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...


(egg, hash brown, beans, tomato, toast + veggie sausage)

and yes - somehow I used to eat KFC and shit all day long I never put on too much weight. But now it is time to go hard core and turn my body intoo a deadly weapon.

1/17/2006 10:20 pm  

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