Friday, December 23, 2005

Wisdom from odd places...

Here I am, finally, with some time to sit around and do nothing. Eat, drink and play Final Fantasy X.

And the uncertainty began to creep in.

I never made this short film to 'learn' but the amount of things I learned were unbelievable. One of the things I learned is that there are many things that I do not know. And I find myself wondering... WHAT IS IT EXACTLY THAT MAKES A GOOD DIRECTOR?

And then what, exactly, is it that I can do that makes me a good director or not.

I find myself remembering my student days when film making was complete insanity and I did EXACTLY what I wanted to do. I made a lot of friends and enemies by doing what I wanted and not what anybody else wanted. But in the end I was victorious because of my foolish resolve.

But in the real world, movie making cannot be as 'renegade'... or can it?

What the fuck qualifies me to do what it is that I want to do? I want to direct movies/music videos/commercials... fucking corporate videos if I have to....anything. But I want to direct. It is my dream, my ambition.

Maybe my 'talent' is largely irrelevant... whether I CAN do it or not is not important... rather... whether I DO do it is more important. In fact, not just important, but vital to success.

Yesterday as I played Final Fantasy, there was a quote in the game, one of the playable characters said something that ultimately answered my question and explains what I am trying to say.

Kimahri: "Only those who try will become."

And there you have it. Wisdom in computer games.


Blogger london cokehead said...

A good director , is one that doesn't keep sniping 10ths of seconds out a bloody film once the music snyc track is finished ... Arrrgghhh !!

Oh and Happy Christmas mate ;0)

12/23/2005 5:23 pm  

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