Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Years Blues.

So what do I do now?

I am not working.

I have shot my latest short film which is waiting to be edited.

I am having to have the animation re-done on the test commercial I shot recently.

There *might* be a couple of low budget music videos lurking around the corner... but nothing concrete.

If I want to tout myself as a commercials director I am going to need to be able to demonstrate real talent and ability - my showreel (when it's fucking done) will not do this as well as is neccessary... I need more work....to keep on struggling - onwards and upwards... the reality of what I am trying to acheive is daunting....

But what do I do for money?

What DO I do for money?

But I want to make more films... always... I crave good ideas, good scripts, fiction, facts, pictures, words - images, emotions....

But a good short film will need money - there are some financing options available... but the UK is a barren wasteland....

Fuck it.

I'm having a bad day.


Anonymous Utopia said...

Yeah, I'm having a bad week too. Quite bad actually. I feel like I am going to drown in boredom and paperwork.

At least you're (in theory) doing something you love.

1/11/2006 1:36 pm  
Blogger LeeLoreya said...

and now I'm having a crappy song in my head ("cuz you had a bad day tatat tatat aa...")

try writing your memoirs...to include on your DVD when you'll be more esteemed than michel gondry and spike jonze combined.

1/11/2006 3:33 pm  
Anonymous tilda said...

Oh god.. please tell me when you find out what u are gonna do for money!
I am in the same boat now, and I'm going crazy!!
leeloreyas idea is good, you could also get a job in hospitallity or something... work all the time for a couple of weeks and ud be more than a couple of thousand pounds richer?!

1/11/2006 8:11 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

utopia - bad days are only bad days.

leeloreya - memoirs - give me a few years before I write those.

tilda - hmmmm. Hospitality - not sure what you mean... not sure if I WANT to know what you mean.


1/12/2006 12:20 am  

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