Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today I did something different

Today, after a shopping trip in London with my hot, young girlfriend, I went with her to the Japanese centre on Piccadilly. On a whim I purchased the ingredients and equipment to make sush. Then I went home and had a go and making some.

Of course I have a lot to learn, but altogether it was not bad for a first attempt.

I'll blog more about this, my latest obsession another time... but now I am on a hunt to find a place that sells Sashimi Grade Salmon in London. Because I want to make proper sushi next time.

Basically in Sushi, you eat the fish raw BUT salmon is considered a freshwater fish and contains parasites that can live in humans. The fish needs to be frozen at something ridiculous like -15 celsius for a week which most home freezers won't even come close to. (Stick it in your home freezer and all you do is put the parasites to sleep - only for them to later wake up on your plate and then move in to live in your intestines)

So I need to find a place in London that sells decent quality fish that has been properly taken care of.

And once I do... oh my goodness will I be a happy man.




Blogger london cokehead said...

Try Billingsgate

You have to get up ( or just stay up ) at like 5am though

1/05/2006 2:30 am  
Blogger RuKsaK said...

Funny you should say this - it's a latest favourite taste of mine. The supermarkets here are full of it and you just choose as many as you like, stick them in a box and take them home. I got my wife a sushi cook book for xmas too. Anyway, show us some photos of your efforts please.

1/05/2006 4:59 am  
Blogger dotdotdot said...

Sushi is my favourite food, I am obsessed. If I knew somewhere that sold fish that I could eat raw without dying I would buy whole salmon filets every day and just eat that. Its probably good that I don't. If you get supermarket fish and freeze it for a week, can you eat that raw? I could stick it in the -80 freezer at work and take it out for snacks when I get hungry.

1/05/2006 8:15 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

thanks guys! I'm gonna investigate this and come back with a posting on how to and where to and blah de blah...

LCH - I'm gonna try Billingsgate - or a place in Islington...

Ruksak - Yes, I i will take photos

Kat - I'll tell you where to get everything you need.

1/06/2006 12:00 am  

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