Friday, January 06, 2006

Aren't I glad I wrote this down?

About 18 months ago I shot a test commercial at Pinewood studios - I paid for it myself with the profits from a company I set up with my friend. It was a relatively big budget affair, shot on film with special effects and animation and blah blah blah. The fucking animation has to be re-done but that is a total digression.

Anyway, with such projects there are several aims and objectives for me and the others involved. One of them, as director, is to demonstrate your 'Artistry'.

Now, some argue that a large budget and big crew and high level of polish and organisation are not neccessary to accomplish this. Essentially I am am inclined to agree but of course, it is also of merit to be able to demonstrate that a degree of polish can be accomplished.

A good writer is a good writer whether he uses a platinum tipped biro or beaten up old typewriter. So whilst I am waiting for the edit to be done on my latest short film I really want to shoot another test commercial.

I don't have any money for it so it will be a total cowboy job. But I figure I should be able to shoot something on MiniDV (maybe even borrow a HD camcorder) and edit it and do the titles and graphics on my Powerbook.

Anyway, I am playing around with a few idea and I looked at a few old ones I wrote about 4 years ago when the X-Box was launched. I actually still like one of them and I could easily change the idea to work with the new handheld PSP. I totally forgot I ever had that idea so I am pleasantly satisfied that I made an archive of documents from my old laptop.

Who knows what others gems I have lurking around?



Blogger bethanie_odd said...

i love that! those verbal treasures. a few years ago i found a book of my favorite adjectives from 199something. i forgot i even kept a journal of such things. a very discriptive year indeed, anyhow, i look forward to seeing some of the fruits of your labor Doom.


1/06/2006 3:02 am  
Blogger The Rantallion said...

Right then, I fucking posted on my blog. You happy now? Give a guy a break. I can't be inspired everyday.

Maybe one day I'll start something like you've done and get that big budget for my meagre productions of fiction.

I wish I could be a good writer everyday, but I have neither the beat-up type writer, nor the platinum tipped biro. So, yoou must live with the drivvel I spew upon the internet at my leisure.

1/09/2006 7:00 pm  

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