Saturday, January 28, 2006

Personality Baby

A coupld of days ago I spend a few hours walking around and taking photographs with the local politician whom I've agreed to help. It's quite amazing watching this quite unassuming old man talk people silly.

Outwardly he looks like a complete madman - a few years ago I asked him to come along and help me out by appearing as an extra in a short film I made... I was desperate to fill up a church with as many black and asian looking people as possible.

Anyway, he is quite a character and one of the most connected people I know. Even when we were shooting the movie I assured my producer that he was not just some random madman that turned up.... still, people like to make assumptions...

But, but back to now - it was a real lesson to watch this guy walk around and chat people up. Take the combination of:

a) A very intelligent, travelled and experienced man,
b) An man interested in politics with 50 years experience
c) A delightful extrovert with supreme people skills
d) A 70 year old who - quite frankly - does exactly what he wants.

And you have some idea of what he is like. Amongst other places we went to a an old peoples home, a hindu temple and a local mosque, and we were met with such hospitality and politeness throughout.

He is a good friend of my dad and they were both interested in local politics when they were younger... and hearing him introduce ME to these people as the son of a local blah blah blah made me chuckle on the inside.I was there to take photographs - but I could tell that the 'secret' agenda was also for him to also have a young, well presented, good looking man accompanying him. Almost like a minature entourage. I don't mind as it's all a learning curve.

I suppose politics isn't that disimilar to the media world - it's ALL about appearances.

Peace and love baby.



Anonymous tilda said...

Wow, thats ridic... did you take any interesting pictures?
Haha I loove that your his very own 'youth vote' model.
He sounds interesting though... and hey, you never know who you might bump into with him!

1/30/2006 1:23 am  

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