Monday, January 23, 2006

Strange But True

I need to operate with precision and planning - as part of this I need to re-establish contact with the head of a Promotions company whom I know from my university days.

To do this I will casually 'pass by' her soho offices after a 'meeting' - stick my head in the door and give her a bottle of wine. I will tell her that, "I don't drink alcohol and that I thought she'd be the perfect person' to give this 'gift' that I had just been given from somebody as a 'thank you' for something else.

A bit contrived, but if I turn up saying that I bought it just for her then that might seem desperate.

(even though my plan is obviously MORE desperate)

I'll tell her that my new showreel is coming out soon and that I am desperate to shoot more music videos ---

And I hope that will start the ball rolling...


I'll do that this week I think.


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