Thursday, February 10, 2005

What goes up must come down.

My excitement and anticipation has abated and now I sit in bed on my lap top worrying about the logistics of the shoot.

Most problems, it seems, can solved with either Time, Money,and the worst problems will require both. Most of our stuff is organised and arranged and what remains should be solved in time. But we are short on both time and money - so any problems that arise will wreak havok.

Right now I sit and gently worry... The Camera Hire Deal we have got is not quite as good as we had first thought - and the collection and pick up is in the middle of nowhere. Since I do not drive, this is a nuisance. If I throw money at the problem then it is solves it, but then that is money that is now coming out of my own pocket.

That is right, there is a small budget for this project but this music video is costing ME MONEY - even though I am apparently doing it for somebody else.

Through my own expenses, lost income, and supplementing hire costs this shoot is costing me about £700.

I must not grumble because it is a false economy to do so. In 3 months time I will not miss the money, but I will miss not having a good looking project on my showreel.

So I cannot complain, but it is very alarming how costs can just spiral and shoot out of control. And there are other things that I could spend the money on.

I must sit and relax my mind.

We are professionals.

If the shoot is fun, is the shoot is tough, whatever - I must calmly do all I have to do. Others around me will be looking to me to set the tone and the atmosphere of the shoot. I must do my best to cultivate a professional atmosphere.

With such a small crew and shooting under such awful conditions it will be important to keep spirits high.

Anyway, no matter what happens - very soon this will all be over.

Let us cut forwards in time:

On Monday, the kit will be returned and the shoot will have been successful. After spending too much money and getting too little sleep this weekend I will spend the day indulging myself and wasting time.

But that is Monday - That is another time and another place and I will have to earn my place in that future.

Thinking of you all,



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