Saturday, February 05, 2005

Remembering the future

You know how some songs and things can really bring powerful memories back so vividly you can almost taste them? You know how you can close you eyes and it opens a window into the past...

Well now imagine the opposite.

Imagine listening to a song and then remembering the future. Right now I am listening to some music I have never heard before and it is having a very odd effect upon me.

One of the things I burn most brain calories pondering over, is idea of fate and predestination.
I do not wish to appear a vulgar enough to claim I have any knowledge of my destiny. But something in my heart is being pulled somewhere. It is my belief that something significant awaits me in a land many miles east of here in a country that spans two continents and a significant percentage of the earths latitude.

When I think about this, I find it to be a very intimidating concept which is as exciting as it is frightening.

I think when the time comes, however, it will seem the most natural choice to make and I will make it without flinching. But until then I can only do what it is that I must do.


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