Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hard Slog

Sometimes it is really tough organising and directing a shoot. Today some poor sap from our crew had the unenviable task of having to take time out of his busy day to meet up with two really hot 22 year old blonde actresses/dancers keen to feature in this music video.

This poor bastard then had to go to a bar in London to talk (over drinks) to them about the shoot and to talk about the style of dancing/choreography and then discuss the type of sexy/slutty/vampish costume they would wear. And whilst he would do this there would be lots of men learing over across the room jealously wondering how this poor bastard ended up sitting alone with two hot young blonde girls.

Anyway, since our pre-production crew consists of only two people I figure that I might as well volunteer for this task... since I would not feel right about asking anybody else to do anything I was not prepared to do.

It is a tough job.

But some poor sap has to do it.


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