Monday, February 07, 2005

The Roller Coaster

I always find shooting to be an emotional experience. My stress and panic has vanished. Now to be replaced my excitement and optimism. It is like a roller coaster with ups and downs. Experience tell me that no matter what happens, soon it will all be over and done - all I can do until then, is all I can do.

I had a meeting today with a lady who has agreed to co -produce and organise this shoot for me. This is good. My strength does not lie in this, and I am very glad to have found somebody who is willing to take on this responsibility. After my dinner I will go and check out the location also.

My role in this project, due to the low budget nature of the shoot is more that simply director... without me this shoot will simply not happen. This in in no was an attempt to "big myself" up. It is a reality. It was my idea to do the video in the first place.

If I do not pull my thumb out of my ass, the shoot will not happen.


If I cannot convince people to join in and get involved then the shoot does not happen.


I am learning how to manage and present myself. Essentially I need to lead, and make the decisions that a leader must make in order to attain vitory.

The last shoot I did, I was the first to turn up at the studio set (after spending the night in a hotel run by nuns and full of oompa looompas - midgets - See Mango's blog somewhere for details - I won Mango award for this story- for which I am delighted) anyway - as the first people arrived I was sweeping shit up off the floor and just tidying the set up. Most of the crew had never met me before and therefore did not know who I was. And I could tell that some were quite surprised to see this when they found out who I was. But I cannot expect people to come and help out and work together if I cannot demonstrate an ability to do more and work harder. In the end, it was the most professional shoot I have ever been on. The level of effort and passion was truly humbling.

Anyway, today I am happy - for this music video is going to be a beautiful thing:

We have a Good Song,

We have a Good Cameraman,

We have a Good script,

We have two lovely looking actresses

and We have the best fucking director in the world.

so what else do we need - We just got to go ahead and do it.

Fat Dude said it perfectly when he said,

"sometimes you just got to dive into shit"

Because already, I have made enough moves to overcome my initital fears. It has become enjoyable and right now I am well happy.

I hope that this blog can give you some insight into how this stuff works and what it is like from the inside.

Be safe and stay slinky, not stinky

xxx <---- for the girls.


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