Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So afraid am I of HG's wrath that I have volunteered to Auction myself off.

That is right.

The highest bidder will win a date with me at any time in 2005.



But in order to Earn DOLLARS that you can SPEND on the BIDDING. You have to LINK TO THE ABOVE SITE ON YOUR OWN BLOG. Every visitor you SEND there will be monitored and the HITS are converted into BLOGDOLLARS you can get to Bid.

For those of you too stupid to understand, I shall repeat.

a. link to heroinegirl

b. check the sidebar of the auction site and see your site and the traffic.

c. Convert the traffic you bought to to auction into a $ amount. Ihit = "I point/dollar"

d. make a bid in the haloscan comments using your blogging dollars wisely.

(I hope this makes bloody sense)

The Prize:

I will take the winner out for Sushi (I pay) in London (or maybe New York when I am there) and then a drink afterwards.

I will wear my best shoes, and I will also shave and wear my best clothes too.

I promise to be well mannered and I shall try my best to be interesting and more importantly, interested in you.

I shall also promise to turn my mobile telephone off for the duration and not stare at other women.

This is a opportunity that shall not come around again.

Lord of Doom



Maggot - don't bother voting, because I am not auctioning off my body.


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