Friday, February 11, 2005

Last Orders

SHOOT DAY IS TOMORROW - in 15 hours we will be starting filming.

I now lie in bed, unable to sleep. It is okay, it is only 1am and I do not need to wake up until 11am or even 12 noon. (I do however have to wake up at 8am for 2 minutes to change the final camera battery that is on charge)

In my mind I keep going through the equipment we have and I am blocking together how we will shoot stuff. After a mad day of scrambling to get insurance quotes and hire quotes and credit notes and invoices and equipement invoices and blah de blah I have everything I need.

Every shoot has something about it that will distinguish it and provide unique challenges and problems. Our problem is that we are shooting this music video at night... with night vision - in the middle of the woods.

We are 10 minutes away from electricity and lighting.

Right now my bedroom is full of torches, glowsticks and halogen spotlights. This will be our arsenal against the darkness. I have put together a small team of good hard working profesional people and together we will overcome the cold and the dark.

Tomorrow will be a good day to be alive.

But making movies/commercials/music videos - whatever... it is a journey... and along that journey you encounter things that will help you and things that will hinder you.

Sometimes this "help" can come from the most astonishing of places.

Maybe I will have time to squeeze in a blog tomorrow to record my last minute feelings.

If I don't get a change to say hello between now and then - don't worry, I'll be thinking of you guys when the blood sweat and tears flow.

Right now the panic has all vanished. I am excited.

There is a blank canvas and I am curious to know how we will fill it.

God bless


ps. Maggot - perhaps some Glow in the Dark Condoms are in order.


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