Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Last year there was a lady manager whom I spoke with a little about doing a music video for an artist that she represented- we arranged a meeting which she promptly cancelled via (horror of horrors) text message.

Waste of time.

End of story.

Or so I thought.

Last Thursday she left me a message saying she wanted to arrange a meeting - which we set up today between me, her and the Emperor. (my producer)

I could detect anxiousness in her voice when I spoke to her so I suspected that she might be in a bit of a pickle and really need a video being shot very quickly.

In short, the meeting seemed to go quite well... she turned up 45 minutes late... but it seems that they are in a pickle and want a video finished by the 5th of February.

That is 2 and half fucking weeks.

And so it seems that they have no choice but to come through myself and the Emperor. So it seems that I am the only person lined up to do it.

This will be the first music video (low budget or otherwise) that I have ever shot - and fate seems to be helping me out in the sense that I think we managed to make her "overlook" this fact that washing over the subject.

Don't worry, dear readers, I know what I am doing.

Or more importantly I will surround myself with people that do.

Anyhow, I am actually quite calm about the whole thing which is a surprise. I have just sat down and written a rough "treatment" (Condensed idea - preliminary stuff, not really detailed) and as much as I'd like to share how I am feeling and stuff, I am quite tired of writing.

But first things first, I am passionate about the idea.

Anyhow, if all goes well, in 3 weeks I will have my first music video completed.

And so my journey develops further.

I really hope that this Diary of a Bum will let me chronicle my adventure into my chosen career.
I have never spoken about the doubt and fear that shadowed me when I was younger - in a way it seems to be forgotten. In no way have I acheived "external" success but I do believe that my success is "internal" and if I keep doing what I am doing then I will achieve what I hope.

Right now, I can only follow my heart and trust in the almighty.

Wish me luck


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