Thursday, January 06, 2005

Music Videos

I can barely contain my excitement. It is very easy to get carried away about new projects and forget that they actually involve work and effort - but as long as I do what need to do then I will have 2 very cool projects to get excited about.

The 2 new tunes have just been given to me and I am really very happy. Ininitally I was vexed about the delay which meant we had to postpone the shoot from last year now it seems that everything is happening exactly when it is supposed to happen. This is especially true when I consider that the first tune has now been remixed and is now much better.

So many possibilities exist - choices I have to make - each leading to countless different outcomes.

For example:- The dancer girls that I need - do I go back to the lapdancing club and try to pursuade that oh-so-sexy-dancer to come and be in my music video? I would love to be friends with a lap dancer - that would be an excellent way of doing that. Be professional?! Oh of course, I must yes... Of course.

Anyway, my point it this - I am so excited that I can barely contain myself, I want to skip right to the end - but that would of course cut out the hard work - which if course is the important part.

I must take a deep breath and trust in my own ability to do what I have to do.

The moment I am excited about will come - Past experience tells me this. I just need to do the work and wait patiently.

Much Love to you all,



PS. I was woken up by a phone call today - a small time producer who wants to meet up to discuss the possibility of shooting a video for them. It could be good - who knows. But I have the meeting tomorrow at 3:00pm.


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