Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Dreams Come True (Technically)

Last Saturday a small touch of fate made me realise that things are definately changing for me.

It is my present ambition to become a professional Music Videos and Commercials director. In order to acheive this I would need to have "Representation" by a production company which I would work through.

I am working on a version of my showreel which I intend to blitz Ad-Agencies and Production companies with in order to secure representation and move on towards obtaining profession (that is: Paid) work.

But cut back to last Saturday - I am having a meeting with my producer. Let us call him The Emperor, as I feel he resembles what I humbly believe to be what a Roman Emperor would look like.

Now, I have been working with the Emperor on various low budget things over the last couple of years. One of the first meetings we ever had was in the same place we were in last Saturday. And suddenly I remembered his words from two years ago.

Essentially he was talking about how he was taking on new directors and working with them and taking his company forwards blah blah - I remember thinking that this would be a cool thing to be involved with, but I somehow remember feeling that I was not part of this yet... and would not be unless I somehow proved myself.

Anyhow cut back to the present - I, of course, have been working with the Emporor for the last couple of years, what he said was that his production company was moving onwards and that they needed to think of the future. Now, I believe in loyalty, and The Emperor has helped my out immeasurably and I too have helped him out. It has been a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Essentially he wants to take his production company forwards into a professional, organised production company that shoots professional, organised productions. For real money.

And I learned that I am one of the directors he wants to represent. Technically I have acheived my ambition.


And I say this only because the production company is very small, and the volume of professional work is tiny. But things are happening.

With my best efforts I am endeavoring to bring in lo-budget work to the company. All these music videos and things that I am seeing people about and so forth are all jobs I want to take through the company.

With work and effort applied in the correct direction I wonder where things will take me?


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