Sunday, January 16, 2005

Before Bedtime

I give my face a quick once over with just regular soap and water to dislodge the surface dirt.

Then after gently rubbing my stubble with warm water I begin to apply the Gillette Mach 3 turbo gel.

After a few minutes I can feel the cool tingling sensation that tells me it has softened my stubble and lubricated my skin.

I have the new Gillette Mach 3 electric razor - this is a hyrid between a standard wet shave safety razor and a battery powered electric razor. That is: it is a typical Gillette razor (waterproof too, you can use it in the bath) that takes the standard 3 blade Mach3 turbo razor head. Visibly it would easily go unnoticed as a regular safety razor but in the handle lies the magic, a battery and a small motor. Activated by a discreet switch on the top side of the razor - Hit the switch and it comes to life vibrating 50 times a second.

Each stroke you take - the razor chips dozens of times more for a smoother, closer shave.

No less than beautiful.

Once finished I wash of the rest of the gel with alternating hot and cold water. Taking care to rub cold water over my tired eyelids.

Next I use a special exfoliating facial scrub that contains extracts of Tea Tree Oil and Witch hazel. Careful to avoid the more sensitive skin aroung my eyes I rub in circles around my forehead and cheeks. I then rinse off with alternating hot and cold water.

Once finished I then apply a lift and reveal facial mask by Elizabeth Arden. Using the special applicator I cover my face. Although I leave the majority of the area that I shave untouched. I am not sure why, but the skin seems different there so I tend to leave it alone. After 30 minutes I peel away the face mask which takes away the final layer of debris and scum.

Because it is late and I am tired I do not have the patience to my Shizeido moisturing emulsion which is special made to help rejuvanate a man's skins after shaving and cleansing.

I crawl into bed and fall asleep.


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