Sunday, January 09, 2005


I am shocked by how fucking stupid and ignorant people can be.

There is a small South London based hip-hop group and I think that they are sitting on a gold mine of a tune. - I really do, and obviously if I can negotiate my way into directing their video that that is very good for me. Anyway I had a meeting with my producer yesterday and we came up with some solid and good ideas for a few things- among these was a plan how this group can get a record in the shops - and how I can do a video for them.

Today I called them up to talk about things and arrange a meeting... and the guy's attitute was so fixed in the fucking ghetto that I could not believe my ears.

If this cunt only knew what I was offering to him. Really - this is no idle boast or brag or anything but simply put: The link I am offering his mean that he gets what he wants... which is: His song, released through a record company. (not some mickey mouse back alley distribution either. Don't get me wrong, this is not MY link, but my producer's.)

But he tried to fake me out about the links he has and wankety wank blah blah - making out that they had everything in place - which he obviously does not.

His mum or his girlfriend might be convinced by his stupid story but I am not. Not for a second, because I can see through his fake-ass veneer.

"we got a link at the BBC."

So-fucking-what, you fucking moron? The BBC does not make music videos. That girl whose tits you want to suck on might thing your link is worthwhile enough to convince her to take her bra off but I do not.

Fucking muppet.

Anyway, it is gonna take effort for me to be able to turn him around. I need to convince him that we can do what we are saying, but I suppose this is life in the music industry. A lot of clueless wankers talking shit.

What a fucking cunt - he even suggested that what I was offering was "charity".

Trust me, poverty is a state of mind. And this mother fucker was broke as shit.


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