Wednesday, January 12, 2005

HIDDEN POST - Sparkle in my Eyes

(THIS POST WAS HIDDEN FOR SIX MONTHS - the original post was written on the 12th of Jan, I have revealed it on the 7th of July - it will remain here until somebody reads it.)

The Diary of a Bum is my journal; my version of events. Sometimes when I look closely in the mirror I can see sparkles in my eyes... those sparkles are the children I do not yet have but who exist somewhere in my future.

These events exist for them in the past. Perhaps they may even read these words one day - I hope I can convince them that their dad was not always a grey haired, badly dressed loser, and that there was a time when the world was his and the future was an adventure.
(and also when he had an excellent sense of style and and blonde or multi coloured hair)

They of course will know who their mother is, I right now do not. Somewhere in this world she exists and I have not found her yet. But I am looking.

God bless you all.



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