Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Fuck Andy Warhol - 15 minutes is not enough.

Today I gently basked in the glory that only having a publicity agent can allow. He's a luvvie you know (they call him Darling) and he's a lowlife (I've heard some calling him Maggot) - but I shall not hear a word spoken against him - he is now my agent and he shall represent me in America. (Contracts waiting approval)

Maggot Man!

Nonetheless, I have just got in at 3:00am. I had to go to Watford to finish the computer animation on this commercial we shot. Missed my train back to London so I didn't get back to Euston til 1:00 and then I had to walk to Charing X. I took a detour through the verminous streets of Soho but it was nice. My iPod kept me company - and I do like walking. It is a good way to see the city... and at that time the streets are quiet.

Otherwise I am a weenie bit narked since this low budget music video I was due to shoot this weekend has been put back til next year. This is a shame because I have several other possibile projects lined up - but these people want to see my completed reel before really commiting to anything.

Nonetheless I suppose I can only but wait. I just get frustrated because I don't like it when I cannot really do anything productive. But there is not a lot I can do.

Ho hum.

I suppose I will have to pump weights and do some more Russian language lessons.

I had an exceptionally vivid dream about that Russian girl and it really has thrown me about emotionally because even though it was not real, it stirred emotions in me and has made me doubt the obvious reality that I am trying to accept.

Who knows what the future holds? I don't.

Perhaps, God willing I shall see her again. It's a long shot but it is nothing I can count on. Somewhere in this wide wide world is a girl for me, maybe I already know her, maybe I do not -but I am thinking of her.

I wonder if she is thinking of me.


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