Thursday, November 18, 2004

Maintenance of the Objective

If my life is a chapter in a book, I am somewhere in the middle of that chapter. Nothing really has changed in my life. Nothing significant has occurred. Simply the logical extension and development of sub-plots already in motion. That is not to say that things are stationary by any means. I am simply slogging on with the things I have to do. Another meeting with a artist/producer/actor is simply another meeting heading towards an already established objective. I still plan to shoot two music videos before Christmas and by then I will have enough work on my showreel to be able to tout myself as a commercials/promos director.

"The ultimate objective of all military operations is the destruction of the enemy's armed forces in battle. The ability to select objectives whose attainment contributes most decisively and quickly to the defeat of the hostile armed forces is one attribute of the able commander."
United States Army, FM 100-5 Field Service Regulations Operations (22 May 1941)

I believe that it is important, and at times it is important for us all to reflect on where we are and where we are going in order to maintain momentum. Sometimes the sight of the bigger picture can be lost and effort must be made to ensure that perspective remains.

Nevertheless, I have been extraordinarily lazy recently and I have barely trained at the gym at all. In contrast to my physical laziness I have been mentally training and I am coming along quite well with my Russian lessons. Perhaps if I can figure out how to write the Cyrillic Alphabet here I might even post a blog entry in Russian. Of course my posting will have a translation, which will reveal the limitations of my ability - but to the casual observer it will look impressive.

Today I met a couple of friends at a networking party and also I met and later had dinner with the actress who will be in one of the music videos I am shooting.

As part of my plan to promote myself as much as my abilities I wore my tailored midnight blue suit with a black shirt and a 3/4 length black coat.

To summarise: the networking party was shit but the dinner was quite nice.

Also today, I finally got my accountant friend to complete the accounts for my company. I must post them off soon or else I will get fined.

I am at work now writing this. For the rest of the evening I shall contemplate my life. There are many things that are going well but one thing that is not.

Hmmm, but truly there is nothing I can do but wait. That may be the lesson I must learn. But that does not stop me longing for something that exists for me so far away both in time and distance.

This next bit might sound crazy but to me it makes perfect sense: The hardest thing to do is for me to let go and ask God in heaven to guide me.


Blogger sunShine said...

I think that the hardest thing for anyone to do is to let go and trust that this omnipotent being will guide us in the right direction. While it is difficult, it must be done.

11/19/2004 8:10 pm  

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