Wednesday, October 11, 2006

(fake?) Nike Air Max 95

A few months ago I bought a pair of cheap Nike Air Max 95s from a geezer who lives near me.

A couple of weeks ago I bought another pair. I now I 2 pairs of trainers that when I was at school would have made me ten times cooler than I actually was.

I genuinely do not know if they are fake or not. But I can be 100% certain that:

a) when I wear them they feel good.
b) when I stuck them in the washing machine they did not fall apart.
c) On close inspection they look and feel real.
d) REAL nike trainers cost £2 to make.
e) REAL Nike air trainers are mass produced in the far east

So, here I am paying £70 for two pairs of trainers that look/smell/feel the same as two pairs that would cost £220 in the shops.

To be honest, their authenticity is largely irrelevant because the purpose of a trainer is to look good and feel nice. Which brings me to the funny part.

Suddenly everybody near me is wearing Nike Air Max 95s. London has been flooded with thousands of imported trainers from somewhere and people are buying them in droves.
And when I say everybody is wearing them - it's like being back in 1995 when the Reebok Classic and Ralph Lauren shirt became the uniform of Kevs up and down the country. Everybody is wearing them - The Nike Air Max 95 has become the standard issue of crooks and villians everywhere.

And it makes me laugh

Out loud.



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