Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It been a quiet and cool few days - I took some time away from it all and went to visit my sister.

A lot of things have been playing on my mind - and I wish I could blog about them because it is this real nitty gritty stuff that is what I want to feature on my blog. Alas, my anonymity is not as well preserved as perhaps I would hope, and I do not want to reveal anything that might come and bite me in the ass down the line.

In short - in one development there is a third party (another director) whom my producer is acquainted with and who wants me to re-introduce to my producer with regards to my producer representing him as a director.

With him on the books it would make the production company more marketable - and therefore make me a greater chance of employment through them - but it might also squeeze me out.

However, at least it would mean there is something to be squeezed out of because right now there is nothing.

I will have a think about it. But after a few days to clear my head I think the best choice is to make the re-introduction and let the producer deal with anything he needs to.


there is more to every picture than is immediately apparent - and whilst I pride myself on my perception, if I cannot get close enough to something then I cannot get a full picture.

I hope that makes fucking sense



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