Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today I shot a Music Video - My third

This is the moment I knew would come - although now it is easy to be complacent about it. Complacent because the day went well - but yesterday - I had a mild case of intrepidation.

Nonetheless, everything came together and today I shot a music video - my third.

We got some good stuff and I learned a lot. I managed to control most of the things I had to control. I lost a bit on control for about 20 minutes but all in all this is not bad.

I need to learn to up my assertiveness which I am managing to do - I need to be in control - and SEEN to be in control. The worst thing is that this is the hardest thing for me to judge - I cannot tell how people perceived me. The artist said to me:

"You the man - we ain't even seen the video and we know you're the man."

Which is nice. But he is only the artist and it is like asking my mum what she thinks - He has no frame of reference.

Well, rightly or wrongly my fear of failure is driving me to constantly push my efforts - so the outcome is good. The footage looks good - it was well lit, the performances were good and I've got some cool ideas for the edit.

But for now.

I rest.

And buy my lovely girlfriend dinner.



Anonymous tilda said...

Can we see it, please .. Just a clip maybe?

4/24/2006 1:07 am  

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