Thursday, April 06, 2006


I have entered a competition at the SHITTY BLOGS CLUB called SHITTY BLOG SURVIVOR.

Each week there is a task set to the myriad of Shitty Bloggers and the worst performing participant will be beaten , flogged, dipped in ethanol and then flung into a pit of sulphur.

The task this week is to get as many readers as possible from each participant's blog to go over and leave comment stating that that blog should win the SHITTY BLOG SURVIVOR.

So, please - would you all be angels and go over to:

And click in the comments section and mention that you think DOOM/BLONDIE should win please. Try and be as clever and witty as possible. Hard for some I know.



For those interested: my edit is slowly coming together. There is actually a semi-decent 15 minute film in there somewhere. I need to be careful about the length. I never expected it to be so long, but it could be 18 minutes if I let it. I will not hack down the length unneccessarily just to make it shorted - I need to let it be as long/short as it needs to be. But that is what editing is all about - and once I have compiled ALL the sequences then I can begin to look at the film as a whole.


Anonymous tilda said...

Right, obscene comment has been left... More requests blondie??

Good luck with the rest of your film, seems like the final edit is the difficult part.

4/07/2006 12:18 am  

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