Friday, September 16, 2005


As some of you are undoubtably aware I am preparing to shoot a short 12 minute film in the next few weeks. I had ideally wanted to shoot in September but it seems we are gonna be shooting in October.

Anyway, since the casting session last week I have been agonising over who to cast in the lead role.

Today I had a proper look at the casting tape and I make two conclusions:

1. Bad actors worsen the problems with bad dialogue in a script. Seriously, the dialogue seemed AWFUL when watching some of the people read it back.

2. Good actors make the dialogue their own. (and I don;t mean my re-writing it)

All I am looking for is somebody who can read the lines and say them in a way that is believably and convincing. It does not sound like a lot to ask but it is.

I am afraid to cast somebody that will leave me struggling to direct a good performance. Anyway, I shortlisted the 2 main roles to 4 girls. And I've been umming and erring since.

I watched the final girl today and I saw her really make the dialogue her own. For moments in the performance I really believed her.

There was in front of me the beginning of a solid performance. And enough for me to have faith that when it comes down to it on the shoot days we'll be able to come up with some magic,


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