Wednesday, September 14, 2005


If you can be fucking bothered then please revisit this post:

Anyways, there were two things that occured that night... But my sudden epiphany was that I need to make a feature film.

Aside from my other targets and the things I need to do - in that sudden moment clearer than anything was the absolute objective for me to make a full length feature film.

It does not make any fucking difference if I just shoot the fucker off the cuff for £10,000 or not. What matters is that I make a feature film.

I need:

1. A script. (90 pages - genre piece, preferrably a sci-fi or horror)

2. Actors. (preferrably ones who can act)

3. Money. (£10,000 to £50,000 of real money - and maybe a further £40,000 to £200,000 of deferred money. But I will shoot this cunt for £10,000 if I have to)

4. A production team (producer, and camera crew etc)

5. Shooting Kit. (camera, lights - probably shooting on a HD kit)

6. Post production facilities (worst case scenario I will off-line on my Apple Power book)

7. A distributor. (somebody to actually SELL the mother fucking cunt of a film once it is done)

8. Luck.

9. Personality.

10. Utter refusal to accept defeat.

Since that choice I have started the ball rolling and I am partway through the above list of targets. But not much.

Anyway, I am shooting a short film soon and I need to use this short film as the final test and example of my abilities before I can raise the cash money to shoot this big project.

It will be a commitment of 14 months to make the above project.

4 months to write.

3 months pre production

1 month (3 weeks probably) to shoot it.

6 months post-production


This is not an interesting post for you, but rather a statement of intent. The writers I met the other day all turned out to be non-starters, I have a few more meetings set up shortly and hope they might go somewhere. On a personal level I have some script ideas/themes I should write up.

Love and kisses



Blogger LeeLoreya said...

do you know when the next Luck Donation is taking place? I am a type O, and I've a few drops to spare.

9/14/2005 1:38 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Type O - good stuff - that makes you a universal donor.


9/14/2005 3:47 pm  

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